Thailand Guest Friendly Hotels

You would think that booking a hotel in Thailand should be an easy task. The truth is that there are so many hotels to choose from, at so many different price points that it can be difficult. Prices range anywhere from 500 baht a night to 10,000 or more – it all depends on the area and they type of hotel you book.

If you go online and search for hotels in the city that you are looking to stay in you will be overwhelmed with all the results. The best thing to do in this case is to go on a site like or a similar site and check for all the reviews for hotels in that area. Reviews are important because it will tell you some key information about any particular hotel.

One thing to keep in mind is that some hotels may have strict policies in certain areas. For example, in Bangkok, some hotels may not allow you to have an unregistered guest. If you tried to bring such a guest to your hotel room you may incur an extra fee or your guests may not be allowed to enter the hotel. This is a common problem in Thailand as they are very careful with guests that want to enter their hotel.

The solution to this issue is to book the right hotel. Hotels where you will not have a problem with bringing a guest to your room our hotels that our guest friendly. To find Thailand guest friendly hotels you’ll need to search online for a list of hotels that do not charge extra fees for unregistered guests. This site gives you some good choices depending on the area that you wish to stay in.

Another way is to contact the hotel directly before booking. Ask them what their policy is regarding unregistered guests. If they say that all guests must be registered ask them if there is an extra fee for that. Some of these hotels will just require your guests to leave their ID card or passport with reception and have them pick it up once they leave.

As hotel policies change frequently it’s a good idea to make sure you have an updated list of the guest friendly hotels. Things change in Thailand very fast so having up to date information will help you to avoid any problems once you are settled in at your hotel.